'Battlestar Galactica' recap: Make Room For Daddy

Finally, poor Tyrol helped Boomer onto a raptor with a Hera-filled crate in tow, and she made her escape, but not before tearing a hole in Galactica's hide with her FTL jump.

I'd always thought that the Sixes were the emotional manipulators and the Eights were quicksilver with their allegiance. But Boomer must've taken some courses, because she played Tyrol like a really-easy-to-play fiddle. And Cavil worked one hell of a long con, allowing Ellen Tigh to escape solely to reinsert Boomer back into Galactica, just so she could make it back with the most powerful piece on this interstellar chess board: Hera.

Maybe in an episode where the A-story is substantially less cool than Boomer's Run, Kara Thrace's little conversations with her dead father stuff wouldn't have felt so slight. Sure, Katee Sackhoff is a strong enough actress to make Kara's emotional journey register, from her ire at the pianist's repetitive composing to her soft memories of learning to play at her father's side.

Yes, it was kind of sweet, Kara reconnecting with her childhood and, by extension, with the first man in her life. But damn if I didn't see that ending coming from an FTL jump away. And by the time we got to Kara sitting at the piano by herself, I was just pissed. It was as if the producers thought I was so unsophisticated a viewer that I couldn't have figured it out. I'm a Battlestar Galactica watcher, fer chrissake...give me some friggin' credit. Especially if you're gonna drop boulder-size clues like a cassette tape called ''Dreilide Thrace: Live at the Opera House.''

The worst part of the whole ''songs in the key of life'' bit was that it didn't tell us anything new about Starbuck or her father. We don't know why she resurrected, or how; or if, indeed, Dreilide Thrace was the Daniel of legend.

The only thing of any import was the fact that Hera knew the sheet music to ''All Along the Watchtower'' and that Kara learned the same song as a girl...which underlines the fact that they're both hybrids. But it was a long way to go to get to that.

All in all, this was a good episode...one that could've been great if the Kara harmonies played more with the Boomer melodies. I know television is a lowest common denominator medium, and you try to make sure that the dumbest guy in the room can understand what's going on, but I've come to expect that Battlestar Galactica will treat me with the same respect that I treat it. When it doesn't, and thinks I can't see an imaginary friend from across the room, I get a little pissed.

What about you? How hard is Adama gonna come down on Tyrol for his role in Boomer's escapade? Is this gonna be the straw that breaks Galen back to the baseship? Is this really the end of the line for Galactica herself? Should we start calling the show Battlestar Baseship? And did Hera's abduction really kill Laura Roslin?

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Originally posted Feb 28, 2009

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