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Hey, What About Me? (1990)


Details Genre: Kids and Family

''In the beginning, everyone was talking about the baby, the baby, the baby. I kept wondering, 'Hey, what about me?''' one of the kids says in this ''video guide for brothers and sisters of new babies.'' Siblings (ages 3 to about 6) talk about their feelings as they help prepare the baby's room, sit with Mom at feeding time, or sulk when ignored.

The kids' ideas are presented chronologically, including prebirth feelings (''I was getting sick of hearing how lucky I was (getting a baby brother),'' one girl says); infants' traits (they're sticky and wet like a dog's nose); and things to do as babies get bigger (tickle them, take them for a fast walk in the stroller).

The kids, obviously repeating a script, can sound stagy, but they are cute and believable. Scenes of them playing with the babies are full of delight (especially one of a 3-year-old ''helping'' her brother walk by holding him by the neck and propelling him across the floor on his toes).

Watching Hey, What About Me? with your child may be helpful. At the very least, it brings potentially troubling issues into the open. B+

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