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Next Day Air (2009)

Next Day Air : Donald Faison and Mos Def
Image credit: Adam L. Taylor
Next Day Air: Donald Faison and Mos Def

Details Release Date: May 08, 2009; Genre: Action/Adventure; With: Donald Faison

A bungled drug shipment causes problems for a pack of dim-witted dealers, not to mention the baby-face deliveryman (Scrubs' Donald Faison) who gets the address wrong in the first place. Aimlessly directed by first-timer Benny Boom, Next Day Air just plain doesn't work as entertainment — it's too unpleasant to be a comedy and too vapid to be anything else. Even worse, there's something genuinely depressing about the sang-froid it shows towards its cast (which includes Mike Epps and Mos Def), particularly in the gruesome climax with a pointlessly high body count. If the movie doesn't even care about its characters, then how can we? D

Originally posted May 08, 2009

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