'Gossip Girl' recap: Lily of the Valley

Ultimately, the best scene of the flashback portion was also the best scene of the modern-day section: the final moments between Lily and Carol and Serena and Blair. They had genuine emotion to them and really felt like the different pairs were friends. And when Serena told Blair, ''You're my sister'' I got a little misty. Then again I have allergies so that could have just been some wayward pollen.

Okay, now to the present-day portion of the episode. The big drama there was the whole mother-daughter situation going on with CeCe, Lily, and Serena. First of all, Serena, you're staying in jail to prove a point? Really? Can't you just act out like usual or maybe help some dude O.D. like you have in the past? I do not buy her staying in the pokey. But I also don't really think Lily would have her daughter arrested. That seemed like a stretch. But I get what the producers were trying to do. I have to give a shout out to CeCe's ''walking outfit,'' which was all-pink and included a brooch. I love that she put on a brooch to go walking. Why not? I just don't remember Lily hating her mother as much as she did in this ep. I mean, I know that CeCe told Rufus a big secret but still. And when CeCe mentioned that ''boy from the Valley'' that Lily loved, do we think she meant Owen? Or someone we haven't met yet? Very interesting.

The other major story line was Blair going to prom. Vitamin Water product placement alert! Did anyone else notice Dorota handing her a ginormous bottle of Vitamin Water? Flashback to the White Party earlier in the season. Anyways, Blair's dress was BEEEE-YOND. So beautiful. But are we supposed to believe that Jenny manufactured Serena's dress in like an hour? I was confused.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the mean girls get Blair to vote for Prom Queen by mentioning that a tiara was involved. It's okay, Blair: I like sparkly things too. One thing, though: Didn't their prom seem like a big ole drag? Mine was at the Radisson in Kalamazoo, Michigan and seemed a helluva lot more fun.

Can Serena and Dan please start dating other people? They're really becoming sad. Although, their mutual lack of rhythm as evidenced by their spin on the dance floor sort of makes me think they belong together. No one should have to deal with that. And who the hell was Chuck's date?

Speaking of Chuck, the whole setting-up-Blair-to-win-thing was cute but almost a little too cute for Chuck. He can't get too mushy or I'm gonna stop liking him. And that hotel room key he gave to Serena for Blair looked like something from medieval times. What hotel uses keys like that?

And how sad was Jenny and Vanessa's prom night once Dan totally bailed on them? Although, one thing's for sure whenever Vanessa's attendance: I'll bet there was a whole buffet of coffee drinks! Final thought: Why have we never seen or heard of Lily's sister, Carol, before? Is CeCe keeping her locked in the basement or something? Theories?

What did you think of last night's Gossip Girl? Did you enjoy the flashbacks? What's going to happen in the finale?

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Originally posted May 12, 2009

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