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Megan Fox: 'Fallen' Angel

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Women seem to have an issue with you. Do you get that impression?
MEGAN FOX: Sure, for the same reason they didn't like me in high school. I come across as confident and they assume that means that I think I'm hot s---. And that makes them feel bad about themselves and so they hate me.

How did you feel when topless photos of you from your next movie, Jennifer's Body, were published online?
Well, I wasn't topless. I had booby stickers on. They make these silicone stickers that go on over your nipple. If I'd been actually topless, I would have sued someone. But that's a really unfortunate thing that happened. I know who [alerted the paparazzi] and I never did anything about it. It's her karma to deal with, not mine.

There was also a photo of you in a crazy corset on the set of Jonah Hex.
That wasn't even laced up all the way.

Why? Because it looked crazy small?

Yeah. You looked like an alien.
[Laughs] When we did the screen test, it was laced up all the way and people were concerned for me because it looked like some circus-freak s---.

Are you missing ribs?
No. [Laughs] I just have a small-ass waist. My waist was 22 inches before we put the corset on, and we got it down to 19.

Earlier this afternoon, you mentioned Brian Austin Green. There are always rumors about you guys.
Brian and I are not engaged, because when you're engaged, your goal is marriage. And I don't think that's a realistic goal for me right now. I know I'm not capable at this point in my life of being a good partner or a good wife. That's like a joke. We're sort of trying to figure out what our relationship is.

He's older than you. And you've said younger guys are a waste of time.
I don't understand why people don't have a f---ing sense of humor. Always assume that I'm being sarcastic. Like when I said those things about High School Musical. I didn't really mean that it's about pedophilia. But if you get high and you watch it, that is what that f---ing movie is about!

Did you watch that high?
Yes, and it blew my mind.

You also said that when you go to Hollywood parties you feel like chum to these creepy older guys...
I notice them circling me and deciding what their plan of attack is going to be, and I think that's because I have this image of this little sex kitten — this oversexed wild child. So they think that I'm ready to throw down. And so everybody wants to try and, like, get in there. And I'm actually not that way at all.

Your first film was the 2001 Olsen twins straight-to-DVD movie Holiday in the Sun. Have you watched it lately?
Oh, f--- no! I would kill myself!

You were also in 2004's Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen with Lindsay Lohan. What was she like back then?
That was pre-nightmare. We didn't get along, but we were, like, 17, so of course we didn't get along. Girls are catty; they don't like each other.

Looking ahead, where would you like to see your career in five years? What's the best-case scenario?
If I'm still making Transformers five years from now, I might not be so überexcited. But there's nothing specific that I need to accomplish. I just want to still be working.

What's the worst-case scenario?
Umm...that I'd be on The Hills?

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