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Twilight (2008)

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, ... | KRISTEN STEWART AND ROBERT PATTINSON
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Details Release Date: Nov 21, 2008; Rated: PG-13; Length: 121 Minutes; Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance; With: Kristen Stewart; More

Unless you've been living on the outskirts of pop culture, or at least out of earshot of a 15-year-old girl, you're probably aware of the Twilight phenom. Based on the first of Stephenie Meyer's four-book series, Twilight the movie centers on the intense love of 17-year-old Bella (Stewart) for the impossibly beautiful vampire Edward (Pattinson). In addition to the pressure from the books' rabid fan base, Hardwicke had to contend with a star (Stewart) who didn't turn 18 until the middle of the production. ''I only got her for five hours a day,'' says Hardwicke. ''It was so hard because she is in every scene." For her big birthday, Stewart received a cake with a clock on it and the words, ''Now you're on nights." Her other gift: playing the heroine of this epic love story. ''It's not an easy love. That's what I like about it,'' says Stewart. ''It's the most strained, impossible love, and they are both willing to fight for it and die for it. That's what I was drawn to.''
OUR TWO CENTS Considering that 6,500 fans stormed Comic-Con's Hall H to see the Twilight cast, does it even matter what we think? 12/12
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