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Sex Sells! (Or Does It?)

Megan Fox's scary box office problem –- Why did ''Jennifer's Body'' flop?

Turns out, sometimes sex doesn't sell. Look no further than Jennifer's Body's deadly $6.8 million debut for proof that even the prospect of a Megan Fox -- Amanda Seyfried pajama party can't guarantee a stampede of male moviegoers. But what may have really pushed Jennifer into a box office dead-zone was, ironically, Fox's love affair with the media. How could anything in the high school gorefest (written by EW columnist Diablo Cody), in which Fox plays a man-eating cheerleader, be as entertaining as the material the 23-year-old starlet serves up for free? (''Women hold the power,'' Fox recently told Cosmo, ''because we have the vaginas.'') ''The audience was satiated,'' says the president of marketing for a competing studio. ''Everything was about her fame as opposed to being about the fact that she made a cool scary movie.''

The sexy-beast persona also proved off-putting to women, without whom Jennifer, like any horror movie, didn't stand a chance. ''That genre is driven by the female audience, and I don't know that girls relate to her,'' says the executive. ''Megan leads with pure, raw sexuality, and for girls it's a turnoff.'' By the time Fox hosted SNL on Sept. 26, Jennifer was so dead that the actress did the unthinkable: She didn't even plug it.

Fox's drawing power will be tested again with next summer's Western Jonah Hex, aimed straight at her core: young guys. ''Megan Fox is viable because every guy I talk to says she's f---in' hot,'' says a studio strategist. ''If I were cutting the Hex trailer I'd make sure she was in as much of it as possible — in compromising positions.''

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