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Odes and Odds

How do we love these stars in training? Let us count the ways -- and, while we're at it, make some predictions about who will win

Image credit: Chris Daughtry: Fox
Image credit: Chris Daughtry: Fox

Chris Daughtry

''Idol'': An ode to Chris Daughtry -- and the odds he'll win

WHAT WE LOVE When Simon said Daughtry ''refuses to compromise,'' he may have been talking about that much-debated cover of ''I Walk the Line,'' but he was right: The bald bad boy can tackle perilous theme nights — from Stevie Wonder to country — and still give performances that are undeniably his.

BUT THEN AGAIN... The rock shtick is growing one-note, hitting its nadir with his noisy rendition of Creed's ''What If.'' Seriously, Creed?

BEST PERFORMANCE Let's push a few buttons here: So he sang his version of Live's version of the Johnny Cash tune. It was still the right song in the right style, and he rocked it good and hard.

WHY HE'D MAKE A GREAT IDOL While the ''rocker'' stylings of Bo Bice and Constantine Maroulis were somewhat satiating, Chris gives us what we are really hungry for.

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