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'Idol' Boss Says Paula's Job Is Safe

(FROM AP) - Cecile Frot-Coutaz, FremantleMedia North America CEO and American Idol executive producer, says despite committing the gaffe heard 'round the nation on Tuesday night's (April 29) show, judge Paula Abdul isn't going anywhere. In fact, she seems to think the entire thing has been blown out of proportion. ''I love that everyone was talking about it,'' Frot-Coutaz told the AP. ''It was so unexpected. It was something that took up two seconds of airtime. You'd think there was no other news on television.'' Abdul shocked Idol nation by critiquing two songs from singer Jason Castro, after he'd actually only sung one, prompting people to wonder if she was reading from a pre-written script. Frot-Coutaz blamed the gaffe on confusion stemming from a last-minute decision to have the judges critique contestants' first songs on-the-fly and said Abdul is ''great for the show'' and a ''great team player.'' (AP via Yahoo!)

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Originally posted May 02, 2008

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