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Frenchie Kiss-Off

Frenchie is booted from ''Idol'' over porn past. A replacement semifinalist will be picked Feb. 25

Frenchie Davis, American Idol | WRONG TUNE Producers booted Frenchie
WRONG TUNE Producers booted Frenchie

Frenchie Davis, the plus-size, neon-haired, full-voiced ''American Idol'' semifinalist, has been removed from competition, USA Today reports, because she has acknowledged to the producers that she worked for a porn website four years ago. Fox says she'll be replaced during the Feb. 25 episode.

There was no official word from Fox as to the nature of the 23-year-old singer's work for the unnamed website, or why it was grounds for dismissal when Nikki McKibbin, who acknowledged having worked in strip clubs, was allowed to remain in last year's contest and ended up in the top three. A Fox spokesperson told that the 23-year-old singer had not violated the show's eligibility requirements, but noted that the rules allow the producers to remove contestants at their discretion. Meanwhile, all traces of her have already been expunged from the ''Idol'' website.

However, The Smoking Gun reports that Davis posed topless for a website that purported to display pictures of underage girls (though Davis would have been 19 and of age when she posed). According to TSG, she has claimed that she posed to earn tuition money to re-enroll at Howard University, where the Washington, D.C., native is a theater major.

Still, coproducer 19 Entertainment, which manages the recording careers of ''Idol'' finalists and winners, remains a fan of Frenchie. The firm will ''endeavor to do all in its power to help Frenchie further her music career,'' a spokesperson told USA Today.

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Originally posted Feb 12, 2003

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