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Torch Song Trilogy

EW puts in bootee calls with reality-show rejects. We catch up with ''American Idol'''s Kimberly Caldwell and J.D. Adams, plus ''The Bachelorette'''s Russell Woods

Kimberly Caldwell, American Idol | GENERATION NIXED The trill is gone for ''Idol'''s Caldwell
GENERATION NIXED The trill is gone for ''Idol'''s Caldwell

KIMBERLY CALDWELL (Booted from ''American Idol'' on Feb. 5)

FUN FACT She's a five-time ''Star Search'' junior-vocalist champ.

Q You were clearly the shoo-in in round 1. What happened?
A I don't know, but it was a wonderful experience, and I knew I'd be just as excited for them as if I'd made it. I'm just so proud of Julia and Charles.

Q You can't actually believe what you're saying.
A I know that I feel good about my performance. Hopefully, it's not over for me. I've already thought of songs that would be possibilities if I get invited back [for the wild-card show]. I want to shock everybody.

Q Speaking of shocking, what was up with Simon telling reporters that you need to shed some weight?
A It's total constructive criticism. I do need to tone up a little and lose a few pounds. If that's the worst thing he has to say about me, that's fine.

Q You're not at all appalled by what he said?
A Well, that's just Simon. He's very, um...bold.

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