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Fallen 'Idols'

Here are the latest scandals from ''American Idol.'' A phone foulup blocks some votes, plus Trenyce has a rap sheet

American Idol, Julia DeMato | JULIA'S BACK By which we mean, here's a picture of DeMato's back
Image credit: Julia Demato: Fox
JULIA'S BACK By which we mean, here's a picture of DeMato's back

Was Julia wrongly voted off ''American Idol''? Producers say no, but they acknowledge that there was a telephone voting foulup this week that prevented some callers in the Eastern and Central time zones from registering their votes after Tuesday's broadcast, USA Today reports. (This is the sort of thing that this year's new AT&T Wireless-powered voting system was supposed to prevent.) A Fox spokesperson declined to say how many voters were blocked, only that the unheard votes wouldn't have been enough to save Miss DeMato from getting the hook.

In other ''Idol'' news, it turns out that Trenyce, like Jaered and Frenchie before her, has a secret in her past that producers have declined to share with the public. The Smoking Gun posts a mugshot of Trenyce (real name: Lashundra Cobbins) taken by Memphis police upon her arrest on a felony theft charge in 1999. She was placed in a pretrial diversion program, meaning that, after staying out of trouble for a year, her record was wiped clean. In fact, when she was asked on the ''Idol'' website about the most embarrassing moment of her life, she answered, ''I don't have one that I can think of.''

Unlike Frenchie Davis or Jaered Andrews, Trenyce will not be booted from the show, at least not by the producers, who say they knew about her rap sheet. ''It was a minor matter that Trenyce was honest about from the beginning,'' coexecutive producer Nigel Lythgoe said in a statement. ''After looking into it, we felt it warranted no concern regarding her participation in the show.''

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Originally posted Mar 28, 2003

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