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Mall of Americans

Ousted ''Idol'' contestants launch mall tour. Participants from both seasons offer fans an insider's look at the show

Vanessa Olivarez | MISS VANESSA? Olivarez will be among ''Idol'''s mall-tour performers
MISS VANESSA? Olivarez will be among ''Idol'''s mall-tour performers

Following in the footsteps of such pop music immortals as Tiffany, a number of former ''American Idol'' contestants are touring the shopping malls of America. According to, a group of star hopefuls from both seasons began the ''Behind the Scenes with 'American Idol'' tour on Saturday in Miami, with plans to visit 21 malls in cities across the country. Performers include EJay Day, RJ Helton, Vanessa Olivarez, Charles Grigsby, Kristin Holt, and Jim Verraros.

As the name suggests, the tour offers fans an inside look at the show. Besides performances, the tour will also feature question-and-answer sessions, backstage video clips, a trivia contests, and a sweepstakes to win the Coca-Cola Red couches familiar from the show. Cities on the itinerary include Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Indianapolis, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, and Washington, D.C. No word on whether any of the former ''Idols'' will be filling out job applications at malls along the way.

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Originally posted Apr 07, 2003

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