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The Trip to Bountiful

Carmen is voted off ''American Idol.'' Trenyce and Josh round out the bottom three

Carmen Rasmusen | YOUNG GUN Rasmusen sang herself off stage
YOUNG GUN Rasmusen sang herself off stage

''Saying goodbye is never an easy thing...'' sang Carmen Rasmusen on Tuesday night's episode of ''American Idol,'' before getting to prove it on Wednesday. With a record 21.5 million votes cast, home viewers chose to send the 18-year-old with the vibrato-inflected voice back home to Bountiful, Utah.

Trenyce and Joshua Gracin rounded out the bottom three this week, a group that, according to judge Simon Cowell, included no one who could win this contest. Viewers apparently agreed, keeping safe the vocal standouts among the five remaining finalists: Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken, and Kimberley Locke. ''It's such a big stepping stone. It's been awesome,'' said Carmen as she departed.

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Originally posted Apr 24, 2003

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