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'Habit' Her Way

Why we Idol-ize ''Sister Act 2'' - ''American Idol's'' Jennifer Hudson prays at the church of Whoopi Goldberg and Lauryn Hill

When American Idol's Jennifer Hudson named Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit her all-time favorite flick on the show's April 14 episode, the masses, no doubt, snickered. But we feel compelled to defend Whoopi and Co.'s honor. Sure, it's not the obvious choice for cinematic greatness (like, say, contestant Jasmine Trias' pick, Lilo & Stitch), but there's a good reason high school chorus geeks and Idol wannabes sing the praises of this dopey-but-cute fluff musical -- namely, a pre-Fugees Lauryn Hill bringin' down the cathedral with her gorgeous gospel pipes. At last, Habit fans who've long feared public humiliation can admit their affection. Amen, Jennifer!

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