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Fear 'Factor'

''Idol'' creator sues Simon Cowell. Simon Fuller alleges that ''X Factor,'' the new talent show starring Cowell and Sharon Osbourne, is a ripoff of the ''Idol'' concept

Simon Cowell | FALLEN 'IDOL'? Cowell is sued by his partner
Image credit: Simon Cowell: Luis Martinez/AP
FALLEN 'IDOL'? Cowell is sued by his partner

Has Simon Cowell uttered his last barb on American Idol? Maybe, depending on the fallout of a lawsuit filed against Cowell by Idol creator Simon Fuller. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fuller's production company, 19 TV, filed suit against Cowell and his Fremantle Media company over the weekend, coinciding with the debut of Fremantle's new U.K. talent show, The X Factor. Fuller's suit claims copyright infringement and breach of contract, arguing that X Factor is too similar to Pop Idol (the U.K. original that spawned American Idol and other Idol shows around the world).

X Factor features Cowell and Sharon Osbourne among a panel of judges of a talent competition. Unlike the Idol shows, X Factor has its judges side openly with finalists and serve as their mentors. On Friday, Fremantle issued a statement insisting that the shows were substantially different, and that it would ''vigorously'' defend its position in court. Simon Cowell on the witness stand: Now there's a reality show we'd like to see.

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Originally posted Sep 13, 2004

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