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The 'Lost' Boys

Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway, Naveen Andrews, and the other male castaways on ABC's hit show talk about their favorite ''Lost'' moments, consipiracy theories, and more

Lost, Josh Holloway
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Matthew Fox, Lost
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Matthew Fox

Jack Shepard

Age 38

Casting backstory He clearly impressed J.J. Abrams at his audition, because the Lost cocreator let Fox read the entire top-secret pilot script. ''He kept running in and out of the room every 20 minutes going, 'Do you like it, do you like it?' I said, 'I'm loving it, but you have to let me finish it!''' says Fox.

Our favorite moment Hard to pick one, but we'll say Jack's calm command in the postcrash maelstrom.

His favorite moment When Sawyer realizes he'd met Jack's father. ''I love that there's all these very subtle interminglings even before they got on the plane — and it has so much to do with destiny and fate and why these people ended up on this particular flight and why it was doomed to go down.''

Least favorite conspiracy theory That it's purgatory. ''[The show] has a lot of redemptive themes which could be metaphorical for purgatory. But them actually not being living, breathing human beings? It takes away the stakes of life and death.''

Burning question Early on, Jack found some skeletons and a pouch containing black-and-white rocks. Explain. ''The black-and-white stones have been a recurring theme in the show,'' says executive producer Damon Lindelof (e.g., Locke's favorite board game, backgammon, and the mysterious Black Rock). ''We know who those skeletons are, what their story was, and what they were doing with those stones. But that's a question we won't be answering this season.''

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