'Lost': The Ultimate Viewer's Guide

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Josh Holloway

BACKSTORY Born James Ford, he hid helplessly while his father killed his mother and then committed suicide after a con man named Sawyer swindled the family out of their savings. As an adult, he rechristened himself Sawyer and became a con man in his own right, seducing women to get their husbands' loot. He later ventured to Australia to murder the man he thought was responsible for his parents' deaths, only to discover after the fact that he had killed the wrong guy. Sawyer ended up on Oceanic 815 after he was deported for head-butting the Australian Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry in a bar fight.

ISLAND LIFE SO FAR Sawyer is a hoarder who snaps up supplies, flaunts them in front of fellow castaways, and often uses them to barter. He's emerged as a classic scoundrel with few loyalties and fewer friends on the island thanks to his solitary nature, his duel with Jack for Kate's affections, and a propensity for cruel barbs. (He's given hefty castaway Hurley plenty of mean-spirited monikers, like ''Stay Puft'' and ''Jabba.'') He joined Jin, Michael, and Walt on a makeshift raft to try escaping the island; soon after setting sail, they were confronted by the Others and Sawyer was shot in the shoulder. Tempestuous encounters with fellow Oceanic 815 passenger Ana Lucia resulted in a sexual one-off that she exploited as an opportunity to steal his gun. At the end of last season, he was one of the castaways summoned by the Others (via Michael), and while he initially tried to fight off the ambush, he was soon felled by a tranquilizer dart to the neck. He was then bound, gagged, and delivered to the Others along with Jack, Kate, and Hurley.

BURNING QUESTION FOR SEASON 3 ''Until now,'' says Lindelof, ''he's been the No. 1 con man on the island. What happens when he meets his match?'' Adds Cuse: ''Is he willing to put himself out there emotionally for another human being?''

WE PREDICT Sawyer's going to have to learn to work with Kate and Jack — rather than taunting them incessantly — if he ever hopes to escape from the Others. And something tells us it's not going to be easy for him.

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