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The biggest upcoming projects in entertainment

+ It's been a big week for Ben Stiller, Meet the Fockers star and major Trekkie: Robert De Niro's Tribeca Productions is developing Little Fockers with director Jay Roach.... Meanwhile, Paramount announced J.J. Abrams (M:I-3) will definitely direct Star Trek XI, out Christmas '08.

+ James Franco (Spider-Man) will star in the ''pothead action movie'' The Pineapple Express. Says Franco, who plays a weed dealer opposite customer Seth Rogen (The 40 Year-Old Virgin): ''It's [about] putting two guys who are the least equipped to deal with danger into a very dangerous situation.''

+ Garden State fans, rejoice! Sorta. Zach Braff tells us he'll direct an adaptation of the '02 Danish film Open Hearts this summer. ''I might play a small part,'' says Braff, ''but it's a very stark drama, and I really want to focus on [directing].'' Any fun on the horizon, Zach? ''It's looking more and more like there may be a seventh year [of NBC's Scrubs]. Lots of secret talks.''

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