'Lost' Exclusive! The As-Yet-Unseen Third 'Supper' Promo Image!

Lost, Daniel Dae Kim, ... | LOST SUPPER PROMO IMAGE NO. 2 At first, this just seemed like a clever take on an official cast photo riffing off promo image no.…
Image credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC
LOST SUPPER PROMO IMAGE NO. 2 At first, this just seemed like a clever take on an official cast photo riffing off promo image no. 1, but Doc thinks the release of image no. 3 demands a new reading of this one
Unlike the other two Lost Supper images, the castaways are actually supping in ''Lost Supper 3.'' For me, the revelry evokes another Bible verse suffused with Jughead and Jacob death/resurrection significance. 1 Corinthians 15:32: ''If I fought wild beasts in Ephesus for merely human reasons, what have I gained? If the dead are not raised, 'Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die.'''

FUN FACT! Remember a few weeks ago when I told you my theory about how the Greek philosopher Heraclitus is Jacob/Man In Black/Lost incarnate? Well, guess where ''the weeping philosopher'' lived? Yep: Ephesus! To paraphrase George Peppard: I love it when crazy talk comes together!

Last week, I postulated that the All Eyes On Locke pic was primarily about positing this pertinent question: Who is this strange, shape-shifting, loophole-coveting, assassination-conspiring entity wearing a John Locke body sock that's sitting in Jesus' chair? Be he a Christ-like messiah/End Times judge — or be he an anti-Christ monstrosity/End Times villain? Or to frame it in argot that the kids can understand: Be he Autobot or be he Decepticon? Mickelson or Tiger? And now the children have been made to understand...

With the release of a third Lost Supper pic, we also now have three John Lockes sitting in the Jesus position of Leonardo's table. Jesus is considered part of the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. So might there then be three different interpretations of John Locke to be gleaned from these images? It's hard to say, since the seated Locke doesn't change much from image to image to image, although in the third pic, Locke has a cockeyed look and has shifted in his chair.

But consider the images anew. There actually is something different about Locke in each picture — his relationship to the two men next to him. In the first image, Sawyer and Jack seem to each have a hand behind seated Locke's back. Last week, I made a silly ''Brokeback Island'' joke about Sawyer and Jack, but I ignored other possibilities. For example, Seated Locke + two hands behind his chair = Wheelchair Locke being pushed. In the second image, Jack and Sawyer stand behind Locke and are looking toward the camera with everyone else. The theme of this image is unity. In the third image, Sawyer's left hand remains behind Locke's back, but his head is turned away from him. Jack on the other hand (literally) keeps his gaze on Locke but now his hands are on his hips. And as we noted earlier, Locke has adjusted his body and head. Taken together, the images trace Locke's progression on the show: Wheelchair Locke, Castaway Locke, and Shifty Locke.

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