'Lost' Exclusive! The As-Yet-Unseen Third 'Supper' Promo Image!

BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL Think the Doc is going off the rails with the idea the ''Supper'' images are trying to connect directly with us?…
BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL Think the Doc is going off the rails with the idea the ''Supper'' images are trying to connect directly with us? Watch the U.K. promos featuring executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, and see if it seems so far-fetched, Mr. and Ms. Smarty-pants!
Moreover, look very closely at Sawyer in the third image. Is he looking at Judas Sayid's cup...or are his eyes closed? And if his eyes are closed, what does it mean that he's also physically connected to Shifty Locke? Is Sawyer destined to have an encounter with Fake Locke in season 6? And if so, do his closed eyes and turned-away head mean that he'll be blind or ignorant to Fake Locke's true nature? Or do those closed eyes mean that Sawyer (gulp) is gonna die?

And then there is Jack, who stands over Shifty Locke with hands on his hips and a proud smirk on his face. In the season 5 finale, Jack conspired to blow up time, while Jacob seemed to rankle Fake Locke by telling him, ''They're coming,'' which would seem to be a reference to Jack and the time-traveling castaways. Perhaps Jack's gloating posture means that in season 6, we'll learn that his Jughead plan successfully subverted whatever Fake Locke was trying to accomplish by having Ben kill Jacob. Or perhaps it means that Jack will triumph over Locke/Fake Locke in season 6. Or perhaps there's another reading to be had altogether, like this one...

Before he became a time-traveling, bomb-detonating terrorist, Jack was a doctor — and a good one, albeit one a little too fixated with fixing people. There's a part of me that would like to think that Jack's season 6 relationship to Locke or Fake Locke (or whoever this guy really is now) will actually be more positive in nature. Perhaps these images tell the story of Jack reconciling with Locke and healing him.

But there's another possibility, too. Remember why Jack went to Australia in the first place? It was a rescue mission to save his father, who went Down Under on a drunken bender that ultimately killed him. Jack was bringing his father's body back to Los Angeles for the funeral when Oceanic 815 crashed on the Island. When Jack found his father's coffin on the Island, the body was missing. The corpse has never been found, although Jack has seen his father's ghost, as have other castaways. In season 5, when Jack was tasked with returning to the Island by simulating as much as possible the conditions of Oceanic 815, Locke assumed the role of Jack's dead-in-the-coffin father. Jack even put his father's shoes on Locke's body.

Conclusion and application to the Lost Supper images: In season 6, Jack's relationship to John Locke/Fake Locke — be it an adversarial relationship or a healing relationship — will be linked to the resolution of Jack's series-long grappling with his father issues and will lead to some final confrontation and/or reconciliation with his father. I think this is the central, defining story of Lost, and I think the images here offer definitive proof of that. Because even though Jack's dad is technically nowhere to be seen in these pictures, he is here, hiding in plain sight, looking us straight in the eye, sharing a seat with the guy sitting at the center of the table, in the chair of occupied by Leonardo's Jesus, the Christian messiah and also known as the Good Shepherd...

Christian Shephard.


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