'Lost' finale recap, part two: Step into the light

She brought him to the church — the Sideways world version of Eloise Hawking's church, Our Lady of Dharma Science and Faith, the place where Benjamin Linus had told Jack the story of Doubting Thomas. Inside, Jack found a coffin. He touched it. The memory rush: crashing on The Island; risking his life to save his friends on the beach; chasing after his father; arguing with John Locke, so many times; kissing Kate on the rocks and saying goodbye before beginning the last heroic journey of his mortal existence. Jack was ready to believe. Jack was ready for enlightenment. He opened the coffin, but there was nothing inside. He sighed, and Doubting Thomas crept back in. And then he heard his father's voice. ''Hey kiddo.'' Jack looked. Jack saw. Did Jack believe? He asked his father if he was real, and they laughed at the absurdity of the question but his father said yes, he was real, very real, that his whole life had been real... but it was over, and it had been over for quite some time, and he needed to accept that. When Jack Shephard was a boy, his father, angry and drunk, told him he didn't have what it took to be a hero because he didn't know when to let go. It hurt Jack to hear that back then, and Christian never should have said it, not like that. But he was right. And the time had come for Jack to embrace that truth.

With fear and trembling, Jack stepped out of the cloakroom and into the sanctuary where his soulmates were waiting for him. Was he fully enlightened by that point? I think no. I think a few more things needed to happen, and they all did. I think he needed to be greeted by John Locke. Greeted with that smile and that handshake and be told, ''I'm glad you decided to join us.'' I think he needed to be touched by his friends. Hugged by Boone, the man he couldn't save. Hugged by Sawyer, his enemy turned ally. Hugged by Desmond, his brother in Island salvation. Bear hugged by Hurley, who takes care of everyone. Then he needed to be led by Kate to his seat, and he needed one act of love from his father, that touch that said, ''I'm proud of you.'' Christian opened the doors. Light flooded into the church. Jack smiled. It was real. It was all real. And in that moment, he was complete. Redeemed. Reconciled. Restored. He remembered his last moments on The Island. He remembered his sacrifice. He remembered he had lived a life, a hard life, a life full of mistakes and pain, but that in the end, the good in him won out, and that he died with heart in the right place. He was a hero. And he let go. The End.


Doc Jensen

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Originally posted May 25, 2010
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