100 Greatest Movies, TV Shows, and More

34. The West Wing, ''Two Cathedrals''
The mile-a-minute season 2 finale was the show at its most brilliantly dramatic: President Jed Bartlet confesses that he has (and had concealed) multiple sclerosis, then announces he'll be seeking a second term.

35. Guitar Hero
An addictive videogame provides the illusion of musical mastery for even the least gifted: How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Tap, tap, tap.

36. August: Osage County
(Best play)
Even with a run time of three and a half hours, Tracy Letts' 2007 drama of Southern-fried familial dysfunction went by in one lightning-fast jolt of pure theatrical electricity.

37. Britney Spears performing ''Oops!'' at the 2000 VMAs
This is the Britney Spears we choose to remember — the pre-breakdown pop tart, then just 19 years old, writhing and shaking her moneymaker in nude-colored rhinestone spandex to a mash-up of ''Satisfaction'' and ''Oops!...I Did It Again.'' Pure kitsch bliss.

38. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, Michael Chabon
This 2000 novel blended comic books, Jewish mysticism, and American history into something truly amazing.

39. The Shield
Det. Vic Mackey didn't just clean up the streets — he cleaned up on the streets. Would he pay for those sins? This gutsy TV drama kept us guessing.

40. Kid A, Radiohead
In an abrupt left turn, one of the world's biggest rock bands began the decade with a disc of complex electronic explorations. Our minds: still blown, nine years later.

41. Children of Men
Alfonso Cuarón's dystopian 2006 film reminded us that adrenaline-juicing action sequences can work best when the future looks just as grimy as today.

42. A matriarch named Madea
Whether she's going to jail or just opening up a can of whupass, Tyler Perry's Madea is the profane, gun-toting granny you never had but (maybe) wish you did.

43. The 40 Year-Old Virgin
Raunchy Hollywood comedies — and Steve Carell's chest hair — would never be the same after Judd Apatow's 2005 hit. Who knew you could aim for the heart and below the belt at the same time?

44. Brangelina
Great role selection, a devotion to do-gooding, and a beautiful family: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt could teach a master class on movie stardom.

45. Gilmore Girls
Thank you, fast-talking Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, for suggesting moms and teenage daughters really can get along — all it takes is love, patience, and copious quantities of coffee.

46. A baby named Stewie
TV has seen lots of adorable babies. But when it comes to devious, scheming, matricidal tots, Family Guy's Stewie is our fave by far. And we're not saying that just so he won't kill us.

47. SNL DIGITAL SHORT ''Lazy Sunday''
The hallowed genre of ''white dudes rapping about mundane stuff'' reached new heights of hilarity with Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell's 2005 ode to an afternoon viewing of The Chronic — what! — cles of Narnia.

48. ''Umbrella,'' Rihanna
In 2007, Rihanna had us all singin' in the rain.

49. Wicked
(Best Stage Musical)
With Kristin Chenoweth's soaring vocals, Idina Menzel's show-stopping ''Defying Gravity,'' and an army of winged monkeys, is it any wonder 2003's Oz-themed musical left audiences feeling carried away?

50. Six Feet Under series finale
Wrapping up an acclaimed show is pretty much a no-win proposition (e.g., The Sopranos). But Alan Ball's 2005 coda distilled all that we'd learned about life and death after five seasons with the Fishers.

51. On Beauty, Zadie Smith
With this magnificent 2005 novel about a well-educated mixed-race family in Boston, Smith successfully fulfilled her idol E.M. Forster's exhortation: Only connect.

52. Eminem & Elton John's 2001 Grammy performance
It was the hug heard 'round the world. Eminem, under fire for homophobic lyrics, shared the stage with a gay icon for a performance of ''Stan'' that would have been memorable in any context.

53. 30 Rock, ''Rosemary's Baby''
Between Carrie Fisher's delightfully bonkers guest role and Jack Donaghy's hijacking of Tracy Jordan's therapy session, this 2007 episode was so wrong. And so good.

54. Lost in Translation
Six years later, we still have no clue what Bill Murray whispered into Scarlett Johansson's ear. And we don't want to. Why spoil a perfect film?

55. Penguins
(Best bird)
Whether they were walking (March of the Penguins), dancing (Happy Feet), or hanging ten (Surf's Up), these oddly adorable birds took flight at the box office all decade long.

56. ''Rehab,'' Amy Winehouse
Soon she'd be making headlines for all the wrong reasons. But back in 2007, we were all saying yes, yes, yes to the British belter's one-of-a-kind voice.

57. A reporter named Borat
Sacha Baron Cohen's fake Kazakhstani journalist gave us some of the most incisive cultural commentary ever filmed. That, and a wrestling match between butt-naked men. Something for everyone.

58. Wii
Replacing key combos with natural movement, this revolutionary game system turned everyday activities — sports, walking, yoga — into the decade's best reason to stay home.

59. CSI, ''Chaos Theory''
This 2001 episode of the procedural powerhouse involves the death of a college coed. So whodunit? No one. Breaking all conventions, it turns out her death was just an accident.

60. Matt Damon as action star
When he first signed on as the ass-kicking amnesiac Jason Bourne in 2002, no one would've predicted that Damon would become the decade's best mixer of brawn and brains. Shows what we know.

61. Almost Famous
Every Cameron Crowe film is, in one way or another, about romance, rock & roll, and his romance with rock & roll. This power ballad of a movie, from 2000, also happens to be Crowe's greatest (and most personal) film thanks to the golden gods of Stillwater and their biggest fan, Kate Hudson's incomparable Penny Lane.

62. ''I'm F---ing Matt Damon'' video
A talk-show host's famous comedian girlfriend confesses in a catchy song that she's shtupping No. 60? Yeah, that'll go viral.

63. Love and Theft, Bob Dylan
The predictably unpredictable rock poet greeted the new millennium with a folksy, bluesy instant classic.

64. Friends, ''The One That Could Have Been''
Joey as a famous soap star? Phoebe as a chain-smoking Wall Street exec? The alternate reality in this season 6 show left us no alternative but to laugh out loud. Plus: Fat Monica gets a spot on all our best-of lists.

65. Twitter
Limiting yourself to 140 characters — the maximum for messages on this diabolically addictive social-networking tool — is easy once you get the

66. ''Since U Been Gone,'' Kelly Clarkson
Can anyone do bitter better? Nothing packs more romantic rage than the original Idol's 2004 kiss-off to a coldhearted ex.


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