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Berry Embarrassing

Celebs fess up to their guilty pleasures -- Halle, Elijah Wood, and others tell us what questionable entertainment they love

Halle Berry | DEAR SPEARS Berry loves Britney
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DEAR SPEARS Berry loves Britney

HALLE BERRY ''Not to put this person down, but every time I say I love her, people look at me like I have 500 heads. I am the biggest Britney Spears fan. I hate that people have turned on her -- 'Well, she's too sexy.' That's what women are.''

MARGARET CHO ''Olivia Newton-John. The 'Physical' album and the video album that accompanied it were so incredibly forward thinking -- she's such a genius, and was so ahead of her time.''

JOE PANTOLIANO '''West Side Story.' I grew up watching it and have been in love with Natalie Wood my whole life. Sometimes, I'll watch it and sing 'I Feel Pretty.'''

JAMIE FOXX ''All that reality sh--. I think I was watching this show about a pimp on Fox.''

ELIJAH WOOD '''The Family Man' with Nic Cage and Tea Leoni. I know so many people who have so much hatred for [it], but I love it. I've seen it like six times and I cry when I watch it.''

NORM MACDONALD ''Dostoevsky's 'Crime and Punishment.' I know it's trash but I don't know, man, it's like cotton candy to me. I can't get enough.''

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