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Idol of Clay

You voted for your favorite reality TV star, villain, and host in 2004 -- now see who came in No. 1

Clay Aiken | SING IT PROUD Aiken is the most-liked reality TV star, according to our poll
SING IT PROUD Aiken is the most-liked reality TV star, according to our poll

Clay Aiken may not have won ''American Idol,'' but now he has a prize to call his own. With a total of 6,164 votes cast in the Reality TV Poll, you named the scrawny crooner your favorite reality-TV star, giving him 23 percent of the vote. The Clayster beat out ''Survivor: Pearl Islands''' Rupert Boneham (17 percent), ''Newlyweds''' Jessica Simpson (10 percent), and even fellow Idol Kelly Clarkson (15 percent). Meanwhile, tying for last place, with 1 percent each, were schlumpy Adam Mesh of ''Average Joe,'' eyeliner-loving Tammy Faye Messner of ''The Surreal Life 2,'' ''Joe Millionaire'''s first ''winner'' Zora Andrich, and Trista Rehn of ''The Bachelor''/''Bachelorette'' franchise.

As for the reality-TV star you love to hate, the winner's identity is no surprise: It's ''The Apprentice'''s Omarosa Manigualt-Stallworth, with 35 percent of the vote. The similarly conniving Jon Dalton of ''Survivor: Pearl Islands'') nabbed 12 percent, Paris Hilton (''The Simple Life'') got 8 percent, and repeat reality-show offender Trishelle Cannatella (''The Real World: Las Vegas,'' ''The Surreal Life 2'') garnered 6 percent.

Meanwhile, our condolences to Ryan Seacrest -- he lost out big-time to ''Survivor'''s Jeff Probst as favorite reality-TV host (Probst got 43 percent, while Seacrest got 25 percent). In other words: Seacrest... out.

Originally posted May 25, 2004

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