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Get Him to the Greek (2010)

Russell Brand
Image credit: Glen Wilson

Details Release Date: Jun 04, 2010; Rated: R; Length: 109 Minutes; Genre: Comedy; With: Jonah Hill and Russell Brand; Distributor: Universal

STARRING Jonah Hill, Russell Brand, Rose Byrne, Elisabeth Moss, Sean Combs
WRITTEN BY Nicholas Stoller
DIRECTED BY Nicholas Stoller

Aldous Snow's personality is too big to be contained in just one movie. The free-loving English rock star played by comedian Russell Brand in 2008's Forgetting Sarah Marshall returns in another R-rated comedy. And he's got some issues. ''All of the drugs the leaflets tell us not to take, he's taking,'' says Brand. A junior music exec named Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) is tapped to escort Snow from London to L.A. for a major concert. Snow is less than cooperative, however, leading Green on a series of drug-fueled, hard-partying shenanigans.

Those parties may look like fun, but they weren't easy to film. ''You have a lot of extras dancing silently to no music,'' says Nicholas Stoller (who also directed Marshall). ''So it's really sweaty and smells like a gym, and then the actors have to pretend to yell over the music that isn't there.'' But Brand, a recovering heroin addict, eagerly suggested ways to invigorate the bacchanalian scenes. ''We had lots of conversations about situations I'd been in while I was a junkie,'' says Brand. ''I ransacked my own past like a British explorer raiding classical Greece.''

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