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The Best Use of Handbags and Chunky Sweaters Award goes to...

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker
Image credit: Sarah Jessica Parker: LFI

Sarah Jessica Parker wins an Award

FOR ''Sex and the City''

WHY? Over the decades, many a pregnant actress has hidden behind a potted palm to camouflage her burgeoning belly. But Parker took the art of maternity-masking to new heights (and we're not just talking about her minihemlines). Firmly planted on her Manolo Blahnik stilettos, she waddled beneath a heavy weight of hat boxes and supersize purses, put a fashionable spin on hopelessly retro empire waistlines, and tried to distract us with tube tops and miles of leg. When the delicate silk flowers of seasons past mutated into terrifying man-eating blossoms, the gig was up. Still, Parker managed to follow Carrie's first commandment: She was never less than stylish.

(Golden Globe nomination: Actress in a Leading Role -- Comedy Series)

Originally posted Jan 16, 2003

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