Stage Review

The Fantasticks (2006)


Details Opening Date: Aug 24, 2006; Lead Performances: Thomas Bruce, Leo Burmester, Santino Fontana, Burke Moses and Robert R. Oliver...; Writers: Tom Jones (Writer), Harvey Schmidt; Director: Tom Jones (Writer)

After 17,162 NYC performances and possibly more church-basement versions, the world's longest-running musical doesn't need reviving. But it's hard to resist The Fantasticks' vintage charm: unamplified actors (still-spry coauthor Tom Jones plays ''Old Actor,'' a part he originated in 1960); artsy-craftsy effects like confetti snow and sequined rain; a sweetly melodic score composed of standards (the tinkly waltz ''Try to Remember'') and oddities (the root-vegetable salute ''Plant a Radish''). But for $75, you'd think the Snapple Theater Center would throw in a free iced tea.

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