Stage Review

LOVE (2006)


Details Opening Date: Aug 24, 2006; Lead Performance: Cirque Du Soleil; Writer: Dominic Champagne; Director: Dominic Champagne

Fab-aholics may want to see this Cirque du Soleil-meets-the Beatles revue twice...once with eyes shut, just to bask in the revelatory remixes and audio collages. (A CD is due, but good luck matching the Mirage's 6,000-plus speakers with home surround.) LOVE does stoop to period silliness — as in ''Revolution,'' where bobbies chase hippies, but at least they're inhumanly airborne on trampolines. And for every bit of Hair-like freestyle choreography, there's some transcendent theater: ''Something'' as sexy aerial ballet, or a chilling enactment of Lennon's mother's death in ''A Day in the Life.''

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