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Jacko is sued over charter flight. The travel agent who booked his surreptitiously filmed flight to his Santa Barbara booking says she hasn't been paid

Michael Jackson | HIGH ANXIETY Private airline says Jackson stiffed them
Image credit: Michael Jackson: KRT/ABACA PRESS/NewsCom
HIGH ANXIETY Private airline says Jackson stiffed them

Michael Jackson's Nov. 20 charter flight from Las Vegas to his booking on child molestation charges in Santa Barbara is now the subject of two lawsuits. The more recent suit was filed Wednesday by Jackson's travel agent of three years, who says she has yet to be paid for the $18,000 jaunt, the Associated Press reports. Cynthia Montgomery, who says she advanced the flight fee to XtraJet, the plane's owner, seeks $50,000 in damages from Jackson. His attorney, Mark Geragos, has yet to comment on the suit.

The flight had already become a source of controversy when it was revealed that two video cameras had been installed on the plane. On Jackson's behalf, Geragos sued XtraJet, alleging that XtraJet had surreptitiously filmed his privileged conversations with Jackson during the flight. He won a temporary injunction against the carrier barring the release of the videotapes.

Originally posted Feb 19, 2004

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