Sound Bites

''Don't even go there with me—Jesus told you to vote off the black dude and the gay dude? Get the hell out of here!'' MARVIN, RESPONDING TO ROOMMATE ADRIA'S ASSERTION THAT GOD INFLUENCED WHO SHE NOMINATED FOR EVICTION, ON ''BIG BROTHER 5''

''He lies, he cheats, he pees on stuff...'' NAKOMIS, EXPLAINING WHY SHE WANTED JASE OUT OF THE HOUSE, ON ''BIG BROTHER 5''

''I don't know what 'karma' is. I don't know if he meant Karma Electra? I really don't know what the word means.'' ADRIA ON ''BIG BROTHER 5'' AFTER AN OUSTED WILL TOLD HER ''IF KARMA IS A BOOMERANG, I'LL SEE YOU SOONER THAN LATER.''

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