Fire Starter

Looking back on The Hunger Games, Jen and Josh, are there any big moments you want a do-over on?

Jennifer Lawrence The mutts [the CG beasts unleashed at the film's climax].

Hutcherson Oh yeah, that was a tough one to swallow.

Josh, how about that scene where you camouflaged your face with moss and mud to hide?

Hutcherson [Laughs] That's one of those things about the jump from a book to a movie. The camouflage of Peeta in the book is not funny, but then when you have me with clay on my face, lying there half dead, and I turn my face to the camera — it's so laughable. It's impossible not to laugh.

More than the other two books, Catching Fire is about all these people who've been broken in some fundamental way by war. Was it hard to find the right somber tone in what also needs to be a crowd-pleasing action movie?

Jacobson In every scene, we asked ourselves, "How would these people feel if they came back to the Hunger Games?" For real. What happens when you come back from these experiences, not what happens in a movie when you've kicked a lot of ass? They would feel as though they had come back as soldiers. They would have all sorts of damage.

Jennifer Lawrence To have a visual director is an incredible thing, but there are also directors who understand the human, real, gritty reality. I didn't know both could exist together, but Francis can actually really blend both flawlessly and... [She starts to get emotional.] I can't look at him, and I won't look at him!

Francis Lawrence [Laughs] We're WASPy about those things. Emotional displays make us uncomfortable.

Sam, I understand you spent a lot of time carrying Lynn Cohen, who plays District 4 tribute Mags, around on your back. What was that like?

Sam Claflin She's such a sweet, mischievous woman. Every time she got on my back, she'd say, "Ohhhh, you smell so gooooood." She was constantly complimenting me. If I ever feel like I'm having a bad day, I'll go find Lynn Cohen.

Francis Lawrence In his first scene, Sam accidentally dunked her in 40-degree water.

Claflin She climbed onto my back, and we were told to sprint off onto the beach over these rocks, and my foot slipped. My knee took the brunt of the fall, and I literally was just going, "Lynn, get off me, get off me," and she was clinging on so hard around my neck.

Jennifer Lawrence Let me tell you, Sam is the clumsiest, most accident-prone person in the world. He broke his hand within the first week. He walked into a twig, and his eye was bleeding. He fell every single scene.

Claflin One time, I fell when we were just standing there. Jennifer was just as bad, though.

Jennifer Lawrence Remember when I hit myself with my bow and I flew backwards?

Claflin There should be a whole sizzle reel of us just falling over.

Jennifer Lawrence The funniest thing that happened was when Josh got down on one knee to propose to me — and his pants ripped.

Hutcherson Right up the taint.


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