Between the Lines

Between the Lines

The inside scoop on the book world

-- BED MATES Jennifer Weiner, author of the best-selling Good in Bed (about a plus-size single woman and her very tactless ex-boyfriend), is entering into a relationship with a highly attractive partner: HBO. The cable network has just optioned her novel and is bringing in Sex and the City writer Jenny Bicks to create the pilot. The deal ''happened after lots of rejection, which sort of reminds me of my love life,'' says Weiner. ''When [the novel] made the rounds in Hollywood, we kept hearing that everybody loves the humor, but nobody wants to make a movie about a woman who's this big. [They'd say,] 'Who do we cast? If it's not Julia Roberts or Cameron Diaz, how do we open?''' No word yet on which actress HBO might want to fill out the part.

-- HEN PALS Finally, real chick lit: Bloomsbury has acquired Bitter With Baggage Seeks Same: The Life and Times of Some Chickens, a collection of photographs of dioramas created by artist Sloane Tanen. The gift book, due out next Christmas, includes such staples of the genre as a (completely plucked) chicken deciding that the all-over body wax was ''a bad idea,'' and a chicken on a blind date with a three-headed rooster. ''They're situations that contemporary urban women find themselves in,'' insists deputy editorial director Colin Dickerman.

-- SO MUCH FOR RETIREMENT...Stephen King, who has triumphed where others have failed in the area of e-books and serial novels, is trying out yet another format: Little Simon, a Simon & Schuster children's imprint, is turning his best-seller The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon into a pop-up book. ''It's not going to be too graphic, it's just going to be a good scary tale,'' says Robin Corey, publisher for novelty and media tie-ins, who expects the elaborately engineered book to attract adults as well as children.

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