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Potter's Magic Kingdom

Love it or hate it: Harry Potter theme-park -- EW critics debate the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

It looks like my dreams are about to come true — with a little help from Universal's design team. How sweet would it be to nibble on a chocolate frog while riding a hippogriff? Imagine cuing up an electronic Marauder's Map or getting whiplash on the Whomping Willow ride! And I hereby invite you to enjoy a Butterbeer with me at the Three Broomsticks — because hating the idea of a theme-park Hogsmeade just doesn't fly. — Tanner Stranksky

Oh, come on! What more can possibly be done to corrupt these books? Kids who fell in love with Harry Potter once had to use their imaginations to conjure up a soaring Quidditch match or a battle with a Chinese Fireball — and now a theme park's gonna do it for them. The onslaught of epically crappy Potter merchandise was bad enough — and we'll now have to pay twice as much for the privilege of buying it in Florida. — Tina Jordan

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