'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -- Part 2' recap: War, Death, and Snogging

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2
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DRESSED TO KILL Black, it goes with everything

The Dark Lord exits, leaving Harry and his friends to find Snape bleeding out. Seeing his longtime enemy dying, Harry's empathy takes over and he tries to help. ''You have your mother's eyes,'' Snape says and tearfully gives him a thread of his memory.

Hogwarts: Harry returns through the rubble-filled Great Hall, littered with dead and wounded students. Awkward. Since Voldemort is demanding Harry's surrender, you'd expect at least one of them to ask the Boy Who Keeps on Living: ''Um, so, just wondering, what your plan is here? Because we're getting our butts kicked, and keep seeing you running away from the fighting, and all our lives depend on what you do next.'' Harry takes Snape's memory to —

Headmaster's Office: Harry uses the Pensieve to watch Snape's highlight reel. Is it just me, or is this series of flashbacks with Snape the most powerful scene in the film? Snape has been the bad guy for so long and yet this sequence is instantly heartbreaking. We see his friendship with Harry's mother Lily, Snape the outcast, and — added to the film version — Snape finding and cradling Lily after she died. (Odd, Lily looks like somebody else in these scenes...huh, perhaps I'll figure it out by the end of the recap). Basically, Snape was just a misunderstood Goth kid, shopping at Hot Topic, nursing a crush on Lily, and then lost her to a cool John Lennon-esque Quidditch jock. If only this were a Twilight movie he might have gotten some action.

Snape also discussed how to protect Harry with Dumbldeore, who assures ''I shall never reveal the best of you.''

''You kept him alive so he could die at the proper moment,'' Snape says of Harry. ''You've been raising him like a pig for slaughter.''

This has to be brutal for Potter to hear. He worshipped Dumbledore and hated Snape, and realizes that Dumbledore was, to some extent, using him for the greater good of the wizarding world, and his enemy has been helping look out for his best interests. Good thing Harry didn't gut-kick the heck out of Snape when he found him in the boat house or he would feel really bad about it now. As for Snape being misjudged for so long by so many, it serves as a life lesson for the kids: No matter how noble your intentions and how brave your heart, if you act like an asshat everybody is going to assume you're an asshat.

Harry also realizes he's the last horcrux and must die. It's really one piece of awful news after another. He says goodbye to his friends and goes for a walk in the—

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