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Honor Blackman

No. 7

Honor Blackman, Goldfinger
Image credit: Goldfinger: Kobal Collection

Honor Blackman kicks butt in ''Goldfinger''

AS Pussy Galore
IN Goldfinger (1964)

WHO IS SHE? With apologies to Halle Berry's Jinx, Blackman's Pussy Galore is the baddest Bond babe ever. (She certainly has the best name.) Here, she's a fetching henchwoman to the villainous Goldfinger and a pilot who runs an all-female air show.

SKILLS Along with her aviation skills, Pussy can hold her own with 007 in karate.

BATTLE GEAR Gold vest and black stretch pants

MALE ADMIRER Bond, James Bond (Sean Connery)

DROP-DEAD DIALOGUE (To Bond) ''You like a close shave, don't you?''

CAN'T GET ENOUGH? Before Bond, Blackman was the original (pre-Diana Rigg) star of TV's The Avengers (1962-64).

Originally posted Apr 16, 2004

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