Taylor Swift Goes Record Shopping with EW

Bruce Springsteen
Working on a Dream (2009) and Magic (2007) Swift couldn't decide between this pair of Springsteen albums, so she opted for both. ''He's just so musically relevant after such a long period of time,'' she says. ''Seeing that inspires me.''

Ryan Adams
Easy Tiger (2007) Swift is a fan of the singer-songwriter, and this colorful record sealed the deal. ''I've loved every other album of his I have,'' she says. ''And I saw the orange vinyl and it was like, 'Yes, please!'''

Kris Kristofferson
Songs of Kristofferson (1977) Swift recently met him at a benefit in L.A. ''It was soooo cool,'' she says. ''He's so lovable and wise. I just want to dig into his musical repertoire and know as much as I can.''

Dolly Parton Linda Ronstadt Emmylou Harris
Trio (1987) ''I had to have it,'' says Swift. ''Think of the creative thoughts that have come from the three of them. I just wanted a piece of their musical history.''

The Black Keys
Rubber Factory (2004) Swift wasn't familiar with the band, but she couldn't take her eyes off this 2004 album's 2010 special-edition picture disc. ''When there's [a cover] that's beautiful,'' she explains, ''you gravitate toward it.''

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