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Snap Judgment: Fox's 2007-08 Lineup

New Orleans cop drama ''K-Ville'' is the perfect vehicle for ''The Shield'''s Anthony Anderson, but why did Julianna Margulies decide to return to TV for the unoriginal ''Canterbury's Law?''

Image credit: Rebecca Brenneman

Judging Fox's new lineup

EW concludes its look at the broadcast networks' upfront lineup announcements with a look at Fox's primetime 2007-08 season.

Most Promising

Set in post-Katrina New Orleans, this cop drama has a nice hard edge to it — plus, after his stunning turn on The Shield, it's great to see Anthony Anderson in a lead role, this time as a New Orleans family man and detective who wants to make a dent in the crime wave.

Least Promising

Canterbury's Law
Julianna Margulies returns to series TV... for this? Yet another legal drama about a lawyer who pushes the envelope too far and/or doesn't know where to draw the line. We'll draw the line right at this unoriginal premise, thank you.

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