TV (Relation)shippers: Just Do It!

Meet the Shippers
From high school students to teachers, everyone's doing it. We talk to the real people behind the phenomenon (and the fan fiction). —Shaunna Murphy

Elmedina D.
Age 15
Day Job High school student in Mesa, Ariz.
Online Makes YouTube videos using clips of Damon and Elena from The Vampire Diaries, set to love songs.
Why She Ships ''I think everyone has the right to their own couple or ship. It's not worth arguing over the Internet.''

Jodi Zeramby
Age 40
Day Job Part-time novelist who teaches real estate law in Tucson, Ariz.
Online Writes slash fiction on pairs such as Alicia and Kalinda of The Good Wife.
Why She Ships ''There are so many relationships that aren't defined. You see these moments of true connection...but it's never really explored.''

Kara Estes
Age 29
Day Job Claims adjuster in Springfield, Mo.
Online Runs the Castle Fanfic Awards.
Why She Ships ''The actors have great chemistry together and it translates over into the characters. The looks. The winks. The nods. The little callbacks to previous episodes. It all works together. You can tell they're meant to be together.''

Jacky Abromitis
Age 48
Day Job Develops online teacher-education courses in Great Meadows, N.J.
Online Runs her own fan-fiction website,; she also ships Brittany and Santana from Glee.
Why She Ships ''There are a lot of young kids writing fan fiction, and I think it's a terrific outlet for them. So, from the educator's standpoint, I like that it gets kids engaged.''

Crystal B.
Age 40
Day Job Works in network security in Virginia.
Online A ''Wincester'' who writes fan fiction about brothers Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural.
Why She Ships ''There are all sorts of theories out there for why women like to write and read slash, and I'm not sure exactly what it is. But I think that two men being vulnerable together — women find that appealing.''

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