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Actors from the network's hottest shows help bring in new fans

To lure even more viewers to its NFL games, Fox has enlisted such semi-buff stars as Melrose Place's Thomas Calabro, Beverly Hills, 90210's Jennie Garth, and Living Single's Erika Alexander and Kim Coles to do 10-second promos that promise ''same game — new attitude.'' What's in it for the stars? ''We're thinking about having a celebrity skybox at every game,'' says Fox executive vice president of marketing Tracy Dolgin. ''It could be the new thing — like being at the Knicks game.'' But with all the football fans involved, the scrimmage for seats may be better than the action on the field. ''I worked out a good deal,'' says Calabro. ''I get box seats to every game.'' Not so fast, says Dolgin: ''If he thinks he's going every week, we've got a problem.''

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