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As Dave Grohl...

Joshua Jackson (''Dawson's Creek'')

Dave Grohl, Joshua Jackson
Image credit: Grohl: Martyn Goodacre / Retna UK; Jackson: Paul Smith / Featureflash/Retna

Why Joshua Jackson should play Nirvana's Dave Grohl

WHY HIM? In contrast to Kurt's constant weight-of-the-world angst, Nirvana drummer (and future Foo Fighter) Grohl was a blithe, wisecracking presence; in other words, he was Pacey to Kurt's Dawson. So who better than the erstwhile Pacey himself for the part, as long he can learn to fake his way through some drum fills (and the backup vocals to ''All Apologies.'') But no, Josh, Dave is NOT allowed to steal Courtney away.

Originally posted May 04, 2004

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