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Who'll win the Best Actor Oscar in 2005?

Jamie Foxx had better prepare his speech. His victory seems a sure bet. In fact, Sideways' snubbed non-nominee Paul Giamatti probably has as much of a chance of winning as the other actors in this category. This is to take nothing away from Don Cheadle's portrait of quiet heroism in Hotel Rwanda, or Johnny Depp's wide-eyed innocence in Finding Neverland, or Leonardo DiCaprio's tic-filled embodiment of Howard Hughes in The Aviator, or Clint Eastwood's stalwart turn as a boxing coach in Million Dollar Baby (the best shot at a surprise upset here). Each is a fine performer, deserving of his own first-time acting Oscar (all but Cheadle have a single prior nod). But each will, no doubt, applaud politely during the triumphant Foxx trot to the Kodak Theatre stage. Blessed with a once-in-a-lifetime role in Ray, Foxx pulled off the tricky feat of subsuming himself, body and soul, into the character of music legend Ray Charles — and picked up the majority of critics' awards, not to mention the Golden Globe. Don't worry, Mr. Foxx. Oscar'll be good to you.
Originally posted Feb 17, 2005

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