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Dan Snierson's Hit List: Feb. 15 2013

Justin Bieber, ''30 Rock'' ice cream, and a Chinese version of ''Friends''

• Ben & Jerry's to sell 30 Rock-themed ''Liz Lemon Greek Frozen Yogurt''
Let's hope it tastes better than their last collaboration with NBC: ''Lester Holt's DateLime.''

• Three-week ''Oscar Roadtrip'' kicks off, in which fans across the country can hold genuine statuette
For those seeking a slightly more glamorous way of contracting the flu than from the escalator railing at Bloomingdale's.

• China to launch version of Friends called Planet Homebuddies
The series finale ends with Ross and Rachel searching for each other in different knockoff IKEAs.

Do No Harm
Or ratings.

• Tool announce delay in recording album after band member injures shoulder and ribs in ''minor'' scooter accident
Scooter accident? Even ''beaten up by tiny, creepy, stop-motion clay man'' sounds a little more badass.

• Justin Bieber's Believe Acoustic released, featuring new song ''Nothing Like Us'' with lyrics ''Nothing can ever, ever replace you/Nothing can make me feel like you do''
He's clearly lamenting the loss of Selena Gomez. Or a Mini Teddy Grahams Snak-Sak.

• Fox to revive plastic-surgery makeover series The Swan as special...with celebrity contestants
The first one to complete 25 above-neck procedures will quietly replace Joan Rivers on E!.

• Jason London arrested for assault and disorderly conduct, while brother Jeremy's domestic-violence charges dropped
''Yeah, we had one of those good news/bad news weeks too,'' nodded the Harbaugh brothers.

• Kris Jenner to host chat show, aims to ''put a new spin on the talk show''
In addition to a downward spiral?

• Now retiring from action movies, Jackie Chan appointed to Chinese government advisory board
It's actually a ceremonial job. He's mostly just there to consult on Planet Homebuddies.
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