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The Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Pain-O-Meter

On July 17's Dateline NBC, we saw Ben and J. Lo as we've ''never seen them before.'' And as we will never see them again -- we hope. How do you measure an hour of ick? EW's Pain-O-Meter, of course! Herewith, the most wince-inducing moments.

7:36 Jen, told by Pat O'Brien that America is fascinated with their romance: ''It's so weird to even hear you say that.'' Oh, come on!

34:16 Ben musing on Jenny From the Block's rags-to-riches life: ''It's a real Horatio Alger story.'' Oh, no, he didn't!

39:12 J. Lo: ''When they pick a new Sexiest Man Alive, it's going to be a lie -- you're the Sexiest Man Alive.'' PLEASE KILL ME NOW!

54:38 J. Lo on the couple's fan-bait wedding day: ''If there happen to be cameras outside then that's fine.'' Make it stop!

56:22 J. Lo, seeing cameras outside her home: ''That's the paparazzi.... This is crazy. Oh, my God. I can't believe this.'' Ow, it burns!

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