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DEBUTS SEPT. 25, 8 p.m. (NBC)

Matt LeBlanc, Friends
Image credit: Friends: Warner Bros.

Why we can't wait to see ''Friends''

THE DEAL Joey (Matt LeBlanc, above left) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston, above right) get together! And Ross (David Schwimmer) and Charlie ("Talk Soup"'s Aisha Tyler) do it! Uncomfortable squirming and lying ensue.

FUN FACT Think the May 2004 series finale will outdo the last episode of ''Seinfeld''? So does NBC, which is charging up to $2 million for each 30-second commercial.

WHY WE CAN'T WAIT C'mon, after two seasons of crossed wires, Joey and Rachel are finally becoming an honest-to-God couple -- plus, we discover what Chandler really does for a living. Need we say more?

WHY WE'RE HOOKED After 10 years, this sitcom is still compulsively watchable. No way are we missing the last hurrah.

Originally posted Sep 10, 2003

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