Friends Goes Out In Style

10 RALPH LAUREN SEASON 6, The One With Ross's Teeth Rachel may have been his employee, but Phoebe was the one he made out with. Oh, wait -- that was the copy boy, not ''the silver fox.''


1 PHOEBE'S WEDDING DRESS SEASON 10, The One With Phoebe's Wedding She may have been late to the bridal party, but Miss Buffay's gown wins out: The pale lavender confection was untraditional, romantic...and perfectly Phoebe.

2 MONICA'S BRIDESMAID DRESS SEASON 4, The One With Ross's Wedding Parts 1 & 2 The drop-necked fire-engine red ensemble made it easy to see why Chandler couldn't resist jumping her bones that fateful night in London.

3 PHOEBE'S BRA SEASON 5, The One Where Everybody Finds Out During the ''they don't know that we know they know we know'' debacle, Phoebe tempted Chandler with this sexy bra -- which Joey unveiled with a flick of his finger.

4 RACHEL'S BOB SEASON 7, The One With Ross's Library Book With all the hoopla surrounding the Rachel (see box), it's easy to overlook this sleek, modern (and underappreciated) 'do that gave Aniston her best hair days.

5 RACHEL'S COMMANDO DRESS SEASON 3, The One Where No One's Ready Silky, formfitting, and just the right shade of mint green, Rachel's frock (worn without panties, natch) made Ross forget all about her tardiness.

BONUS THE RACHEL DEBUTED SEASON 1 This flattering layered shag spurred a nation of women to get copycat cuts. And though the 'do framed Aniston's face perfectly (it helps to have stylist Chris McMillan at your beck and call), the craze had trendoids growing out modified mullets for months.


1 CHANDLER'S SWEATER-VEST SEASON 5, The One Where Everybody Finds Out Mr. Bing wore the nerdy knit staple so well we almost believed Phoebe when she said she wanted to ''rip that sweater-vest right off.'' Almost.

2 ROSS' LEATHER PANTS SEASON 5, The One With All the Resolutions Ross made this fashion don't a do -- primarily because his futile attempts to pull them on (aided by baby powder and lotion) had us wetting our pants.

3 CHANDLER'S BOWLING SHIRTS DEBUTED SEASON 1 Color-blocked and retro-stylish, these casual, go-with-everything buttondowns worked precisely because Mr. Bing wasn't trying too hard. (Unlike his approach to everything else in life.)

4 ROSS' DAPPER SUIT SEASON 4, The One With the Ballroom Dancing Who needs to work out? Ross looked plenty hot in the sleek, uncharacteristically chic ensemble he wore when he accompanied Chandler to quit his gym membership.

5 CHANDLER'S ''CUPPING'' INCIDENT SEASON 2, The One With Ross's New Girlfriend Only Joey would think that ''hands-on'' measuring was normal tailor protocol. As an incredulous Ross put it: ''Yes, yes, it is...IN PRISON!!!''


1 MONICA'S DUDLEY MOORE HAIR SEASON 2, The One With Ross's New Girlfriend Monica told Phoebe she wanted a haircut like Demi Moore's, but Pheebs got confused and produced this shaggy monstrosity. (We know it's crazy, but it's true.)


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