Friends Goes Out In Style

5 MORGAN FAIRCHILD SEASON 1, The One With Mrs. Bing Chandler's ever-dysfunctional family includes his MILF of a mom, torrid-romance-novel writer Nora Tyler Bing, who, it turned out, had a thing for Ross.


1 PHOEBE'S MASSAGE BABE SEASON 4, The One With the Ballroom Dancing The touchy-feely chemistry between Phoebe and Rick (Days of Our Lives hunk Jason Brooks) was so electric that of course he had to be married. Sigh.

2 MARK SEASON 3, The One With All the Jealousy Sure, her Bloomie's coworker (Steven Eckholdt) had ulterior (read: romantic) motives for being so nice to Rachel, but he was just so darn cute about it, we forgave him.

3 MICHAEL VARTAN SEASON 4, The One With Chandler in a Box Before Alias' sexy spy won over Jennifer Garner, he was dating (albeit briefly) Monica as Dr. Tim Burke, Richard's son. Does this qualify her as a ''twinkie''?

4 TAG SEASON 7, The One With Rachel's Assistant Like Rachel, we wanted to spread her assistant (played by Eddie Cahill) on a cracker: He was sweet, sensitive, and most importantly, had a really cute butt.

5 CHRIS ISAAK SEASON 2, The One After the Super Bowl As Rob, he served as Phoebe's songwriting muse: ''Sometimes men love women/Sometimes men love men/And then there are bisexuals/Though some just say they're kidding themselves.''

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