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The Rover (2014)

Robert Pattinson's blood thirsty days are behind him... or are they? In this film he pursues a gang of bandits and there definitely will be blood.

AYE MATE There will be a bloody, angry and gun shooting vampires men
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AYE MATE There will be a bloody, angry and gun shooting vampires men

Details Release Date: Jun 13, 2014; Rated: R; Genre: Drama; With: David Field, Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce

After the collapse of the Western economy, the dregs of society collect like flies in Australia's mines. There, a shy, broken man (Robert Pattinson) falls in with a grizzled drifter (Guy Pearce) to pursue a gang of bandits who've stolen his car. Look out for murderous carnies, inscrutable aboriginals, and a sun-bleached matriarch who runs an opium den (Gillian Jones). Director David Michôd, whose Aussie-set crime drama Animal Kingdom earned Jacki Weaver an Oscar nom, even cast some nonprofessionals from the outback. ''You can't meet these people and not think, 'Oh, there's got to be a way of getting you in this movie,''' he says.
Originally posted Apr 09, 2014
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Guardians of the Galaxy
Walt Disney Pictures
$17.6 4 $251.9 A-
2. $16.8 3 $145.6 C+
If I Stay
Warner Bros.
$16.4 1 $16.4 C-
4. $11.0 2 $45.2 F
5. $9.0 1 $9.0 NA
The Giver
Weinstein Co.
$6.7 2 $24.1 C-
The Expendables 3
$6.6 2 $27.5 B
8. $6.5 1 $6.5 C+
The Hundred-Foot Journey
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$5.6 3 $32.7 B
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$3.8 3 $38.3 D+
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