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Jersey Boys (2014)

From the big stage to the big screen, this hit Broadway musical is now a motion picture that surely won't disappoint.

THE STORY ABOUT THE FOUR SEASONS The rock 'n roll group not the hotel.
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THE STORY ABOUT THE FOUR SEASONS The rock 'n roll group not the hotel.

Details Release Date: Jun 20, 2014; Rated: R; Length: 134 Minutes; Genre: Musical; With: Kathrine Narducci, Vincent Piazza and Christopher Walken; Distributor: Warner Bros.

John Lloyd Young, who won a Tony award in 2006 for his portrayal of the falsetto giant Frankie Valli in the hit Broadway musical Jersey Boys, didn't realize that a routine Sunday-matinee performance was his big-screen audition. ''The first time I met Clint Eastwood was backstage after the show,'' says Young. ''And the next time was on set. I can't imagine a better beginning to what I hope will be a Hollywood career.'' Young's Valli ages from 16 to 60 in the rags-to-riches Cinderfella story, which also stars Christopher Walken as the mobster who's a father figure to the young Four Seasons.
Originally posted Apr 09, 2014
Weekend of Dec 21 Box Office Source: Rentrak Corp.
Rank Title Weekend Gross* Weeks on Chart Cume. Gross* EW Grade
1. $56.2 1 $90.6 B
2. $17.3 1 $17.3 B
Columbia Pictures
$16.3 1 $16.3 D
4. $8.1 2 $38.9 B
5. $7.7 5 $289.2 B-
$4.1 3 $7.2 A-
Top Five
$3.6 2 $12.5 A-
Big Hero 6
Walt Disney Pictures
$3.6 7 $190.4 B+
9. $3.5 4 $64.2 C-
UTV Communications
$3.5 1 $3.5 NA
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