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Sex Tape (2014)

The title is pretty self explanatory.

REGRETS Maybe they'll end up with a reality show and become famous
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REGRETS Maybe they'll end up with a reality show and become famous

Details Release Date: Jul 18, 2014; Genre: Comedy; With: Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel; Distributor: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Paris and Rick. Pamela and Tommy. Kim and Ray J. Couples who record themselves getting busy have a funny tendency to let the tape slip from their possession. Take Annie and Jay (Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel), who attempt to spice up their marriage by making their own little dirty movie. ''They sort of do every position in The Joy of Sex and kinda go crazy,'' says Diaz. ''In the end, they don't take into consideration that there's technology that shoots it up into a place called the cloud.'' But retrieving the errant clip proves to be a challenge. ''They know somebody's got it, they're not sure who, and they need to get it back,'' says director Jake Kasdan, who worked with Diaz and Segel on the 2011 hit Bad Teacher.

The stars' familiarity with each other helped in shooting the new film's racier scenes. ''Jason and I are, like, naked together,'' Diaz explains. ''You don't wanna be with a dude that's a total skeebag. You have to be with somebody you trust. We really just had a great partnership.'' Not for nothing, that's also the prerequisite for any good sex tape.
Originally posted Apr 09, 2014
Weekend of Dec 14 Box Office Source: Rentrak Corp.
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1. $24.5 1 $24.5 B
2. $13.2 4 $277.4 B-
3. $7.3 3 $58.8 C-
Top Five
$7.2 1 $7.2 A-
Big Hero 6
Walt Disney Pictures
$6.1 6 $185.3 B+
$5.5 6 $166.8 B-
Horrible Bosses 2
Warner Bros.
$4.6 3 $43.6 B-
Dumb and Dumber To
$2.8 5 $82.1 C-
9. $2.5 6 $17.1 B+
$1.5 2 $2.4 A-
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